Condo Questions
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This website provides basic information to people interested in buying or selling
 real estate in St. Augustine Beach or Crescent Beach Florida.

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Some questions before the purchase:

Is the Association's approval of Buyer required?

Doe's the Association have a first right of refusal?

Are there any special assessments that the Buyer will have to pay?

What is the current maintenance fee?

Can I get a copy of the budget?

How much are in reserves?

When will I receive a copy of the condo documents?

What does the maintenance fee include?

Does the new owner have to make application with the association and is there a fee?

Can I rent my unit? And is there a minimum number of weeks?

Is there an on site rental office?

How much does a property manager charge?

Can I Have a Pet and is there a size limit?

How many parking spaces do I have? Are the parking spaces assigned?

Is the Association involved in any law suits?

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